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Daniel Baldwin Brings Big Presence to Big Bad "Big Deal" in Loaded Deck

Looming over all the other characters in the movie Loaded Deck is Joe Deal a.k.a. "Big" Deal. If ever a movie had a "big bad," Loaded Deck has one with Big Deal, who cut the toes off his own cousin for running from getting shot at.

The consummate actor Daniel Baldwin will be stepping into the Big Deal role.

"We needed someone with a big screen presence to pull off the part," said Loaded Deck director Jared Vineyard, "and Angela found the perfect actor with Daniel Baldwin."

Angela Anderson, Loaded Deck's casting director, led the charge to bring Baldwin onboard.

"Daniel Baldwin's persona, the way he carries himself, he just naturally oozes the traits necessary to play Big Deal," Anderson said.

Baldwin is the second oldest of the famous Baldwin brother actors, who have made it big in Hollywood. Daniel has 145 movies and TV shows on his acting resume. That experience includes popular stints on Hawaii 5-0, Grimm, and Cold Case, just to name a few.

In Loaded Deck, Baldwin joins a cast that already includes Kevin Sorbo, Quinton Aaron, Dian Bachar, Jamal Woolard, Alix Kermes, Elaine Mani Lee, and more.

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