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Kevin Sorbo Joins Loaded Deck

Kevin Sorbo officially joined the Loaded Deck team on Monday, March 8th as both a producer and actor.

The well-known actor will play Aces, a sharpshooter who's driven by a vendetta and able to make shots only a few people on the planet could make. Aces may just be the most dangerous man in Loaded Deck.

Sorbo joins a cast that already includes Quinton Aaron, Erin Kiniry, Elaine Mani Lee, and Dian Bachar.

On the producing end, Sorbo teams with producer Jared Vineyard, who also penned the screenplay and is directing Loaded Deck, as well as associate producer Erin Kiniry. Loaded Deck will be the latest in a long line of projects Sorbo has produced, both for film and TV.

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