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Quinton Aaron to Showcase Brains & Brawn as Clubs

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It's not every day the muscle is also the smartest member on a crew, but that just might be the case with Clubs. Quinton Aaron, best known for playing Michael Oher in The Blind Side, is the perfect choice to play a character who could flatten you while quoting Aristotle's reasoning for declaring the earth is round.

Clubs may not have the tech savvy of Spades, to be played by Dian Bachar; the never-missing-anything eyes of Aces, to be played by Kevin Sorbo; or the who-knows-what that's going on inside the aloof mind of Joker, to be played by Elaine Mani Lee; however, Clubs' perfect recall of the words of philosophers and writers prove him to have a keen, encyclopedic mind that is second-to-none.

Finding an actor who has the intimidating frame, intelligence, and depth needed to play Clubs could have been challenging. However, Jared Vineyard, writer and director of Loaded Deck,had the pleasure of previously working with Quinton. Seeing first hand how good Quinton is, Jared was quick to call the excellent actor when the script was ready and ask him to consider the role.

Quinton Aaron joining the cast gives audiences another reason to get excited for Loaded Deck.

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