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Thrilling Comic Book Explores Loaded Deck Characters' Backstories

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Explore the world of Loaded Deck in an action-packed comic book that follows the backstories of the movie's characters.

The first issue follows Aces, the world's top sharpshooter, as he must save his family from an arch enemy who emerged from the marksman's past to exact revenge.

This action-packed comic book just released on Amazon and Kindle:

Full color physical print copies will be available soon!

Kevin Sorbo is signed to play Aces in the movie, and the comic book version is drawn in his likeness.

His is not the only likeness to be found in the comic.

Lunden De'Leon is cast to play Keyonna in the Loaded Deck movie. Keyonna, in De'Leon's likeness, also appears in the comic.

De'Leon is in the Caribbean Hall of Fame and has starred in over 50 movies and TV shows.

Also appearing in the comic is the likeness of Maxwell Fox-Andrews, who is cast as Deon in the Loaded Deck movie.

Fox-Andrews is in the upcoming Spider-Man: Lotus.

Loaded Deck's premiere issue was penciled and inked by professional comic book artist Rael Mochizuki. It was written by Loaded Deck screenwriter/producer/director Jared Vineyard.

Cover art is by Elisa Miko, with the explosive variant by Rael Mochizuki.

The Loaded Deck comic book is presented by iShook.

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