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Dian Bachar to Show Off Range as Spades

You know Dian Bachar for his hilarious characters in movies like BASEketball, Orgazmo, and the cult classic Cannibal! the Musical. In Loaded Deck, Dian will once again display his comedy chops, but you'll also get to see some of the dramatic side of his acting.

Adding to a great cast, Dian is set to play Spades in the movie. Spades isn't exactly the most polished criminal you'll ever see; however, he does have a particular set of skills. No, not like the skills Liam Neeson displayed in Taken. Far from it. But that doesn't stop him from trying. Spades is a computer genius. Imagine a Silicon Valley hipster who's gone dark.

As you see what pushed Spades to the darkness, you'll also get to see what range Dian has in his in acting, and you won't be disappointed.

Of the deck of criminals Rhonda has put together to take down Big Deal (you'll learn about them when you watch the movie), Spades is the least intimidating. You wouldn't pick him to be by your side in a fist fight, and he couldn't shoot the broad side of Google's headquarters (he'd be better off just throwing the gun at it). However, if you need someone to get you past electronic security or track a phone, Spades is your man. And he'll do it with more enthusiasm, energy, and confidence than anyone should possibly have.

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