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Kevin Sorbo Shares Why He Joined Loaded Deck (Video)

Kevin Sorbo scoops on why he joined Loaded Deck, and we've got it all on video for you.

During a Keiretsu Forum Southern California event, Kevin Sorbo and Jared Vineyard took questions about their upcoming film, Loaded Deck. The event was held virtually, allowing panelists and attendees to join from the comfort of their own homes. It also made the event easy to record.

Connie Koch Harrell hosted, reading questions submitted by attendees. At one point, she interjected with her own question, wanting to know what attracted Kevin to Loaded Deck. Here's a video clip that catches the exchange:

Sometimes Actors Like to Do Something Different, But It Has to Be Good

Sometimes filmmakers are afraid to go after an actor they like for a role because the film isn't the sort of movie that actor normally does. However, a role or movie being different than the typical one an actor does is not necessarily a hindrance. At one point, Kevin says, "I want to do something different."

Loaded Deck being different than the types of movies Sorbo has done in recent years seems to have helped attract the actor to the project. "I'm very excited to do this one," Kevin said referring to Loaded Deck and the character, Aces, he'll play in it, "because it is sort of a different departure for me, and it's a fun role. It really, really is a fun role."

Of course, Kevin has had many opportunities to do movies of very differing styles.

"I've been offered a number of different roles outside the roles I've been doing for the last ten, twelve years," Kevin says, "but for one reason or other they just didn't interest me. This one caught my attention very quickly."

Loaded Deck stood out from the sea of screenplays Kevin receives:

"I get so many scripts through Sorbo Studios... I get so many scripts on a weekly basis. I only give scripts twenty pages. If it doesn't hold my interest after twenty pages, I turn it down."

Several factors drew Sorbo into Loaded Deck's script, keeping him reading after page twenty all the way to the end. In the video he mentioned his fandom of Quentin Tarantino, suggesting the Tarantino influence inside the script was one of the factors. He also spoke of how funny the screenplay is. Ultimately, this is how Kevin described the experience of reading the script and how it left him feeling:

"When I read the script, it is a roller coaster ride, and I loved it. And I said I gotta be part of this. I gotta put myself in there somehow." Everyone on the Loaded Deck team has been just as excited to have Kevin Sorbo on the project.

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