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Producer/Actor Billy Holden Joins Loaded Deck

Billy Holden has joined Loaded Deck as both an actor and producer.

Holden has over 30 producing credits to his name, close to that many acting credits, and even a handful of directing credits.

In addition, Holden owns TriContinental Distribution, which is a worldwide distributor and sales agent of streaming media content, including shorts, features, series, documentaries, narratives, and music productions. The company deals directly with Amazon, Apple+, Netflix, TNT, NBC/Universal, Hulu, Britbox, Foxtel Now, Quickflix, Paramount+ and hundreds of other platforms worldwide.

Here's a quick bit of biography, courtesy IMDb:

Holden was born in Melbourne Australia. Billy then moved to the USA with his parents where he started his acting career at Celebrity Studios at the age of 15 in Dallas Texas. Billy appeared multiple times in the TV series "Dallas", "Stormin Home", and "Pancho Barnes", among various TV commercials and then worked as a host on Channel 4's TV show called "kids for kids". Billy then returned to Australia in 1992 and was married for 9 years to his wife Tracey Holden. Billy was then cast in "Sweet Marshall" along with Paul Winchester, and Australian Logie winner Paul O'Brien which was released in 2009. Billy then on to work on "Accidents Happen" with Gena Davis, and the Australian TV Series "Underbelly". Billy Returned to the USA in 2010 to continue his Acting, and Directing in the USA market. Since being back in the USA, Billy worked with Larry Kasdan on his feature film "Darling Companion" along with Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline and Sam Shepard.

The Loaded Deck team is expanding. We'll have several posts like this one to put out in the upcoming days, so stayed tuned for more updates.

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